please empty your brain below

Whoa, time-travel as a side-effect of upgrading.

What - Sunday 28th Jan?

Yesterday I stopped drinking tea at 5pm to see if I could sleep better - I was not expecting a whole week's sleep!

How am I going to explain this at work?




like others... time seems to have moved forward a little faster in dg world when compared to the rest of london...

Yes, a whole week's worth in one go. I think you have been rumbled ....

And he's always *claimed* he only writes one day ahead. Hmmm

And there was me thinking my spells had only taken out one of my mailboxes...

All looks perfectly normal, it's nearly the weeken... d'oh!

Yes, yes, very amusing, DG.

So does this mean you are off on hols this week?

I found (not on this site but my own) that I could no longer use the search facility (when in the edit posts section). It says something like 'page cannot be found'. Which is irritating.

You can also get confused, as another commenter said, with gmail and non-gmail logins.

I firmly believe that this is a hoax.

And he's always *claimed* he only writes one day ahead. Hmmm

Didn't beleive that for a second.

Actually Alan you must be right, otherwise DG is either Dr Who or in senior government. Both scenarios explain the above.

When I woke this morning I thought it was Tuesday. During the day, someone asked me what was happening tomorrow- and I said "Tomorrow, yes tomorrow is Wednesday, I am..bla bla".

So I was already confused. Now I am not (everything being relative), because everyone else is. Praise be to the God of Blog-DG.

Have you deliberately moved over to having the date as the title of your entries? I used to see just the post titles in my feedreader, now I see just the date. Bit rubbish. Probably not your fault, but a pain.

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