please empty your brain below

I read somewhere or other someone was prevented from upgrading because they had more than a thousand posts...

Watch for it trying to log you in via your Gmail account, which is a bit naughty, to say the least.

I am terrified about 'upgrading' my blog. So I shan't. Not until they force me.

Anyway, I've managed very well having my blog look like shit for the last three years, so I see no reason to spruce it up now - it's all in the words, not the package, innit?

I've not had any imploring emails demanding that I upgrade yet.
I'm sticking with the old version for the time being.
Let us know how you get on.

Its given me the power to see into the future, I think.......

or its taken some random posts from your past and populated next weeks offerings..........

Don't do it!

It'd been bugging me for ages, so I switched.... wordpress

Of course, for those of us left, performance on the old Blogger servers is improving all the time......

They took my Hello bloggerbot away and killed him. I won't forgive.

Hmm, I can see your posts for the upcoming week too...

i'm thinking of moving to wordpress. a whole week of DG's posts have popped up - yesterday i was still reading the sunday post about the museum of childhood.

i'm very confused - which is easily done.

I'm sticking with old blogger for now. What can I say? I'm human - I don't like change!

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