please empty your brain below

I went here many years ago with my parents and it was great then. Must go back.

That link to Blast Off shows it's worth £60! I know ours is still lurking somewhere...

I havnt seen a weeble for years

And the cover of that Blast off game is all wrong. It shows two manned Gemini capsules, a Agena rocket and a Lunar lander wheras it should be a apollo command module and lander only.I will go and hang up my anorak now

Are you sure Jemima's there? We have here up here in Yorkshire at the National Media Museum:

This is an excellent museum.

..and I'm glad at least one small London Museum is getting money spent on it, it seems likely our two local ones are soon to close on all but weekends (at most).

I rather enjoyed Edinburgh's museum of Childhood in my younger days.

You mean there's more than one Jemima?
I'm duly heartbroken.

I can't believe it's still there! I went over twenty years ago with my Nan and I remember that I absolutely loved it (though I have retained very few memories of actually being inside it).

Ah, I thought this looked familiar: funkypancake was there a couple of weeks ago, and took a couple of nice pics

I'll have to recommend this to my 4 year old nephew's parents in London.

So weird, last time I was in London I went to the Theatre Museum only to return to your blog post about it. Arriving home yesterday from yet another trip, I find this entry extolling the Museum of Childhood which we visited last week. Are you following me, or vice versa ?

Sorry for the double post, but it was in that Museum last week where I learned what a golliwog is. OMG - what were people thinking ? And I thought Al Jolson was horrific. According to said museum, these were the most popular children's plushy prior to the advent of the Teddy Bear !!

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