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the more i read about pies on britblogs, the more i miss them. can they be sent by mail ?


Oh, it's a pity they're shutting down. The place wasn't refurbished all that long ago.

I'm hoping it doesn't set a trend and Manze's is next or something.

Goddards has always been one of my favourite pie and mash shop. I last went there on a Thames walk in the summer. Can't believe it's closing, especially after they managed to survive all the redevelopment along there a few years ago. I'm very sad, will have to make one last visit.

It's 9a.m and I'm drooling!


But agreed, it's *another* bit of Greenwich that's going to shit.

It's such a shame it's closing, it's one of the places that gives the area character, and the pies are indeed gorgeous.

But I must disagree with you on the mash - I've always found it revolting, and nowhere near as good as the pies it's served with


Bugger, I was there not three weeks ago and didn't see the sign. I'll have to visit again very soon.

It was bad enough when they were closed for a year or so due to renovation and none of the locals seemed to know if they would reopen.

When come back, bring pie.

Surely someone could take over the running of the shop? Greenwich doesn't need another Costa/Starbucks/Caffe Nero etc etc

I'm an Eastender, yet I've never had Pie 'n' mash! I should probably be ashamed of myself... but I just don't *do* stodge.

Apple crumble, though. I do apple crumble. Lots.

That's all amazing to a yank who's never seen any such thing.

I would think that some enterprising pie & mash shop might do very well over here though, just from the sheer novelty of the concept.

Might have a hard time finding the eels though.

My first pie and mash experience was when I was a choirboy at St Johns in Stratford Broadway in 1959 and we used to sing at weddings for 2/- a shot. For some reason, in Spring and Autumn, there was a glut of weddings, something to do with tax benefits. After we got paid, the choir used to nip up to a pie shop in the Broadway - marble top tables and high counters. Such a quality of life that does not exist any more.

Here is my photo of the handwritten sign i took last weekend:

It will be a sad day on the 12th! Does anyone know the reason for it closing, other than "Family Circumstances"?

Hi - I am Jeff Goddard, co-owner of the Pie Shop in Greenwich. My wife is a regular reader of DG and I have been overwhelmed by the emotional response we have had since the news of our closure. I just wanted to let you know that the "family circumstances" are that my brother and I have small children who, at the moment, we see very little of as the shop is so busy 7 days per week. Hopefully people will understand. Thanks to everyone who has eaten at our Pie Shop over the years.
Jeff Goddard.

Working 7 days a week can't be easy whatsoever.

But can't some staff be hired to work there, to allowing more time off? Oh well...

I echo the sentiments though - please please may it not be replaced by another chain store - its the death of Greenwich by 1000 cuts.

Yeah its a real shame. Places like Goddards make Greenwich what it is: Unique. Surely it should be protected by English Heritage or something?

Thanks for the Pies though Jeff. Enjoy the extra time you'll have with your family.

Jeff. You deserve the time off.

Thanks for the Banks pie. It's been a great meal for me for many years now.

PS... Can I have the recipe?? Or can I get it anywhere else i'm really going to miss it.


They're selling up to a burger chain!

<goes off and sulks>

I could cry. The burger chain bit is such a kick in the teeth, it makes it so much worse. I'm also baffled as to how come a business can close because it is too popular and puzzled as to how come more staff couldn't have been hired instead, but then I know nothing about business. I just know that the people of Greenwich and many, many visitors are very sad today.

I am so so gutted.
I have been a customer for 30 years, since I was about 10. My mate and I used to get the bus along to Greenwich for a quick lunch rather than have school dinners.
Just what London needs is another bloody burger bar.NOT!They wont be getting my custom.
I do understand wanting to spend more time with your family though, they grow so fast. Good Luck.

I have a cunning plan "Open a new shop that is closed Sunday Monday Tuesday" Then we would all be happy.

I might be repeating what's already been said, but surely there was some way round this? Wouldn't someone have bought the business for a ton of money? wasn't it a 'cash cow'? Didn't the owners have some duty to clinging onto one of the few last bastions of the dissapearing British identity?

Greewich is the new Croydon.

Just heard the news about the closure and I'm gutted. I'm now living in Melbourne Australia and the pie & mash trip with my 3 little kids was going to be one of the highlights of our visit back to London in September.
Definitely understand your reasons though- kids come first!

Is Deptford still open?

There's a new Pie and Mash website at . It has a full listing (with details) of every known P&M shop and you can review and rate your favourites (and unfavourites). There's tons of information about pie and mash and you can share your memories with other like minded pie'n'mashers.


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