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Don't go there! The Cybermen will be taking it over in the near future!

In Croydon they knocked down the wonderful (well I liked it) Beddington Power Station except for the chimneys and on the site they built an enormous Ikea that looks the same as any other Ikea except for the incongruous chimneys. If only they kept the power station and built Ikea inside. I might have even enjoyed going to Ikea.

I took the opportunity to have a good amble round the site a few weeks ago: completely agree, the art is of precious little interest but the building itself is fascinating.

It was striking how crumbly the building was. From a distance it still looks stately and impervious, up close you realise how close it is to disintegrating in parts. The brickwork looks bad and the chimneys have lost a few chunks here and there.

But I'm sure if they keep enough of its charm when (if?) they start work and it's transformed into whatever it will be turned in to, that the powerstation will remain part of the attraction.

Let's hope they get on with it.

The local view is that Parkview is playing for time. The Chelsea property price effect is trickling down.

...wait for planning permission for the futuristic knobbiness to be turned down, and then hey presto - let's sell it all off for flats.

I've always wanted to have a good look round. I remember sneaking a look into the Bank side powerstation before they started work. It sounds like a similar experience.
Let's hope they do something good with Battersea eventually!

Excellent post as always. The line
"the glass is stained only by pollution." is very atmospheric.

There are some excellent Urban Explores online of Battersea, done before it was opened like this. And a lot of them at night too - they offer amazing views over London.

And I entirely agree, what they're doing it is butchery.

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