please empty your brain below

Just one guess each, please.

(but if there are any still left to be guessed at 12 noon, you can have one more guess, OK?)

18] Browny Helmet = TFL Jobsworth

oh dear , is that right? or have i mixed up my anagrams with my synonyms

5] Big Durex = Uxbridge

(They all hurt my head too much. So I chose to decode the one with an X in it. Not many tube stations with X in the name.)

Sounds like a manifesto for a forthcoming election. Especially Written Mess, No Screws, Equal Reasons, Chronic Grass, Togetherness Thinking and Newt Arrester.

2 = Epping

1 Temple.

6 = West Ham

13 - Wesminster

10 - Bond Street.

But disappointed you didn't include my aptly named local Loony Tenets

1 Wembley North

Tha shoud read 18] Wembley North

14) West Finchley

Bonus because I've never been to london I think :D

I'll take an easy one -

7 - New Cross

19 - Bromley-By-Bow

28. Mornington Crescent!!!

3 - Kilburn

Go on, then, have a second guess.
(and maybe a third guess after 3pm if necessary...)

21 - Charing Cross

Damn... I so wanted "Castrate Angel" to be Arsenal Cage, which isn't a station but should be. Anyone want acouple of extra "T's"?

16 - Warren Street

11 - Farringdon

• In the first column we still need 4, 8 and 9.
• In the second column we still need 12, 15, 17 and 20.
• In the last column we still need everything except 21 and 28.

17 - Sloane Square

25..Liverpool Street...I think

what a doofus there are two t's

Okay, if you're allowing two now...starting at the beginning of those not guessed yet:

4] Sap Lust = St. Paul's
8] Candle Oil = Colindale.

Double bonus points for a non-Londoner, I reckon!

I'm going back to bed now then signing up for a brain transplant and something to stop my fingers typing...sorry. grumble grumble.

Kit, there ARE two Ts in 'Liverpool Street' - your answer is correct!

29 - Great Portland Street
30 - High Street Kensington

9: Upminster
20: Dagenham East

27: South Wimbledon
15: Turnpike Lane

12: Southfields

26: Willesden Green

Ruislip Gardens is 23

And 22 is New Cross Gate

It's good to be back.

That's all thirty! Full answers as follows...

1] Temple
2] Epping
3] Kilburn
4] St Pauls
5] Uxbridge
6] West Ham
7] New Cross
8] Colindale
9] Upminster
10] Bond Street
11] Farringdon
12] Southfields
13] Westminster
14] West Finchley
15] Turnpike Lane
16] Warren Street
17] Sloane Square
18] North Wembley
19] Bromley-By-Bow
20] Dagenham East
21] Charing Cross
22] New Cross Gate
23] Ruislip Gardens
24] Lancaster Gate
25] Liverpool Street
26] Willesden Green
27] South Wimbledon
28] Mornington Crescent
29] Great Portland Street
30] High Street Kensington

It's not fair! You were all playing the game while I was asleep. Anyway, I got them all with the help of my A-Z, so there.

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