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Worth noting that the excellent 253 originated as a hypertext novel, which you can still read online for free at

Thanks - I'll just add that link to my main post.

Can I suggest Geoffrey the Tube Train and the Fat Comedian by Alexei Sayle and (I guess the artist) Oscar Zarate? At least I hope it's fiction...

Tunnel Visions: Journeys of an Underground Philosopher by Christopher Ross

dg writes: good book, but non-fiction

Quite interested by the one called "Tunnel Vision". It's quite a reflection of my relationship with my Fiancé. Except I'm the one who would try to visit every station the day before the wedding.

In fact, as I am getting married in London, I will be spending some of the day before on the tube alone, as he will be staying elsewhere. Last tube journey as a single woman. Good stuff.

A Metropolitan Murder
by Lee Jackson
The last train of the night pulls into the gas-lit platform of Baker Street underground station. A young woman is found strangled, her body abandoned in a second-class carriage.

A good read, great Victorian atmosphere

Tube fiction? The Timetable?

You missed Taking Comfort by Roger Morris - starts with a death on a tube platform. Although whether it counts as a totally tube book, I don't know...

I consumed Tunnel Vision a few years ago... was I the only person in North America to read it??? I need to check out a few of the other books on the list.

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