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If I'm not being too fanciful, I think it's the age-old evolved behaviour for staying alive. The rules:
a) Conserve your energy, because you don't know where the next meal is coming from.
b) Stick with the crowd in case of attack.
A minority of people (with higher IQs?) manage to let their intellect overcome aeons of deep-rooted instinct which has served their ancestors very well, otherwise they wouldn't be around to wait for a tube train in 2006.

I normally move down the platform when I'm using the Tube. However, at the same time I'm really sad (and used to a certain route, I suppose) and move down to wherever the exit is at the station I'll be leaving the train at.

The platform that is the worst for the "stop at the entrance" in my experience is for the northbound Northern Line at Waterloo. The entrance is right at one end of the platform, and it seems like 99\\% of people don't move from that point - particularly at the start of rush hour. C**ts.

I don't mind that everyone bunches up -- leaves more space and empty seats for me at the edges. But I hate those signs that tell people to move down for better seats. Don't give away the secret.

I once did every station in one day as a challenge- without the aid of a computer programme to calculate best route. To prove it I had to take a photo on every platform (with film but luckily 4 exposures to frame camera). Your point was well made and there to see, everywhere on the system, people beahve as herds, flocks, colonies, shrewdnesses,flanges
tribes, cetes, sleuths and move to where other people are. It is a genetic programme. Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.
Albert Camus

Them with knowledge goes and stands where the exit is when they alight. If you look at the overall view entrances to most tube platforms are at the front, middle and rear at progressive stations.

Agree with Lyle - Waterloo Northern Line is one of the worst platforms and it is difficult to actually push through the crowd to get to the clear end - tourists with luggage straight off Eurostar who see the overhead notices saying "See front of train for destination !" and panic - what if you miss the destination notice, how big is it, is it in flashing lights!

We were in London yesterday, and I kept making snide remarks at people who didn't move down the platform. We always walk to the very far ends, depends which is closer. Most of the time we got on without waiting around too much because the carriages were half empty.

The other thing that people were getting evil looks from me from was not letting people get off the train first. But that's a whole book, let alone another weblog post

The thing is Laura-Ann you never want to go RIGHT to the end. Because people either stand near the entrance or, to a lesser extent, right at the end. One carriage length back from the end on the platform is the optimum position unless you're at Turnpike Lane.

People turn predominantly to the left because predominantly they're right handed.

Sat in a circle round a table in a pub, say, right handed people pay more attention to the person on their left, all other things being equal.

Way out Tube Map - great link for the impatient - but read before you set out!

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