please empty your brain below

This blog is great! Have you ever considered doing one just dedicated to the underground?

I got a laugh with the Abbey Road station name.

We've been to London once and went to Abbey Road (the studio) because we're both Beatles fans. Is it hokey? Yes...but it was fun too.

This reminds me of the tourists who want to go to Quincy Market in downtown Boston and ride the T to the Quincy station...which is roughly eight miles away in Quincy.

Woohoo no more going alllll the way to Waterloo to go to Paris! (cos it only takes 30 minutes on the Jubilee anyway) I mean they've only been working on the CTRL for how many years?

I heard of some people who confused Abbey Road with Abbey Wood in south-east London and ended up confused on a main road in Thamesmead.

Surrey Canal Road won't be open by 2010 - as they haven't agreed funding for the extension to Clapham Junction yet.

Oh - and if you're including stations on the East London Line as new tube stations, technically they won't quite be tube stations as when they open, the line will become part of the new 'London Overground' (and if we're going to count that as part of the tube - then there's another new station, Imperial Wharf, which will be open by then)

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