please empty your brain below

Don't peek below before you've had a guess!













1-5] Bakerloo, Hammersmith & City, Jubilee,
         Victoria, Waterloo & City
6] Circle
7] Northern
8] Piccadilly
9] Central
10] Metropolitan
11] East London
12] District

How many did you guess correctly?

Shame on me... only 1-5) and 6) I'll have to get the map out before the others clik next to the answers. Oh the shame.

fooled by 11 and 12. Should have known.

We should wear these symbols as badges of pride. (T shirts/badges)

Dang tripped up by 10-12

Need to get me head out of my London Lite and Metro more

But then how would I know that Kate Moss is pregnant and has a ring from dip stick Doherty

Priorities these days.......

From memory? All 12

The metropolitan and District needed a bit of thought but the rest were pretty easy.

Doh! Got Northern and Central the wrong way round - doh!

All of them. I'm a geek.

Yeah, I got Northern and Central mixed up too.

In fact I'm still deeply confused by the one that's Northern. I can't connect that with reality at all...

I got all 12. But isn't the Northern Line one wrong - it doesn't appear to account for the two branches diverging at Camden and then intersecting again at Euston - the two brances follow separate routes between the two (and one has an extra section) so shouldn't that be accounted for?

lockedintheattic, south of Camden the lines themselves don't intersect - you can interchange between them at Euston but the tunnels are separate - so DG got it right...

[how geek am i?]

Yes, of course. I'm confusing interconnection with intersection. Silly me.

all 12 with no cheating.

I had absolutely no idea what you were on about and still don't, even after looking at the answers.

That is tough, I have the tube map as my desktop wallpaper at home and work, and still couldn't do any of those without looking.

Verity - what DG is saying is that the shapes he has drawn are topologically equivalent to the individual tube lines, and it is your job to identify which is which.

For example a Y is topologically equivalent to a T or an F.

Hooray... but I suppose I should know by now anyway!

You should sell this to Metro's puzzle page.

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