please empty your brain below

particularly m.

Should be handed to all newbies on arrival to the 'subway' or 'metro'.

I am finding particular sympathy with J, that's the one that gets to me after a long day

There also seems to be a growing trend for people to stand on the escalator until it tips them off, rather than starting to walk as soon as it flattens out. So frustrating!


c can be quite funny to watch though.

z1) Anywhere near me when I'm in a bad mood (i.e. Monday morning in general)

I can understand the problems between e and v though - surely it'd be helpful to have a consistent rule for both stairs and escalators (i.e. keep to the left on both, and anyone in a hurry goes down the right-hand side instead)

Oh, and also...
z2) Stopping dead by the little display board between Kings Cross underground and overground, trying to check what train you're getting while the world floods round either side.

Surely you shouldn't be anywhere on the Underground at all, if you are G?

I still love the idea that dogs have to be carried down the escalators. I *really* want to see some chavtastic person trying to carry their hyper-aggressive Staffie or English Bull terrier down the escalators...

Mmmmm, blood.

zz) Anywhere in the vicinity of one of those cross-faced, glaring, miserable, eternally impatient Londoners who spend their whole time eating themselves up with fretful micro-calculations of how many fractions of seconds' delay they might be incurring as a result of your unforgivable selfishness and/or stupidity.

(But heaven FORFEND that any of them actually SAY something to make their situations easier, such as a polite but asserive "Excuse me please!" accompanied by a friendly smile. Because that would spoil ALL the fun - and besides, someone might think they were from the Provinces.)

(Said with all the weary authority of being a rush-hour f), twice a week for five months, earlier in the year.)

And I got somthing to tell you and its on a post and it will tell you to stop saying blog is crap you know what your blog sucks!

Dear Jeubin.

It wasn't me, just somebody with the same name.

As I told you here back in April.
After which you wrote...

oh of course ovawise u would of signed in not of been anonymus!!! im so sorry of all the trouble I have caused you.

Do please try to remember

Meanwhile, back on the real topic...

Today I've suffered from a, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, n, p, r, t, v, x and z.

Two x's, in fact, one behind the other. They both deserved a good clip round the ear with a rolled up copy of the Daily Telegraph.

I can get over most of these, but (t) annoys me the most (people trying to get on when everyone else is getting off). And the extension thereof - me waiting patiently at the side to let people off, and someone barging past in front to push their way on.

It's x that bothers me most - people trying to slipstream behind you on your ticket - buy your own bloody ticket... grrrr.

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