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Semi-Useless blobs. Great name for a band!

Mind you not all disabled people use wheelchairs, I guess crutches etc would prefer a lift to the escalators and stairs.

Come to Seoul. Every single metro station is wheelchair accessable from the street.
They did it right when they built the system in the 1970s.

Epping is supposed to be accessible - but it only is if the trains come into Platform 2, on the ticket office/street side. Otherwise it's a hike across a steep old iron footbridge.

I have no idea how they cope with less agile people, or how a wheelchair user who gets dumped on Platform 1 attracts someone's attention for asssitance - especially in the evenings or during the current station refurb (which looks set to beat the Bow Road saga).

Jon hits the nail on the head of course - HK, Singapore, Seoul (etc) have all benefited from copying London's transport infrastructure, but with the benefit of evolution of services, technology, and social care to incorporate.

When the London Underground was built, I doubt wheelchairs had been invented... and many of those now able to play a full part in society were locked up in instutions and 'cared for'.

It's a big dinosaur that it's hard to bring into the modern era.

I don't think it's ugly. I think it's a wake-up call; a pointer about how inaccessible the vast majority of the tube is to many people.

Admittedly, perhaps the logos could be a little smaller. I also found it amusing that Waterloo is now split into two blobs - one which is accessible (Jubilee Line) and the rest of the station, which isn't.

Yeah, but when the entire system is accessible, they can then get rid of the blobs.

Sadly, that'll be around 2075.

If that's a link to the latest map, then TFL should have updated the Waterloo & City line which has now re-opened (although they seem to have given up with a weekend service now - I wonder how many Saturdays this year it's been open?)

Why can't they just place the 'wheelchair' symbol after the station name, just as the old BR symbol is used to denote National Rail interchange?

Also, the number of anomalies (such as at Epping) makes it useless for serious journey planning. I suspect this is just an exercise in 'spin' to appease certain vocal lobbies.

How about Bank W&C platforms, now fully accessible to wheelchair users via the Trav-o-later and platform 'humps', as is the departure platform at Waterloo W&C. But the Waterloo W&C arrival platform can only be exited by fixed stairs, so you can travel EB but never get back!!!

The Victoria line was built in the 1960's. did they make it wheelchair accessible? No. It's pure short term economics. If they'd built the Vic line to sub surface line size you would not have the capacity constraints you have at the moment. Again short term strategy. London is paying for it now.

@Jon Allen - building deep level lines to sub-surface gauge is a definite no-no. It has nothing with strategy. One reason the Moorgate crash was so bad was because it was tube stock operating in large tunnels, which allowed the carriages to ride up on each other and worsen the damage.

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