please empty your brain below

Recycling after a good clear-out.

I'm all for that

I have a robot that hoovers for me.

Time for a vacuous comment.....

My vacuum cleaner isn't a Hoover, so I feel unable to participate(!), but Quentin Crisp and Mr. Trebus are my role models...

Our HN is infinity. Neither of us ever hoover.

That is left for when my Mother vists

How about adding a BLR (bin liner replacement) relationship quotient?

Why is there always one who is keener to empty the rubbish but wont replace with a new bag and vice versa?

Is that where checks and balances really originated?

Diamond Wheezer

I'm all for the return to the 'straw bale' flooring of the middle ages. New Age naturalists will concur that straw bale flooring carries with it many advantages... too numerous to enumerate here.

But Hoover as we will... the Dust will always win out in the end. In fact I was enthralled to read in the news recently that new scientific evidence proves that the planets were originally made out of inter-galactic dust.

Really makes one think... dust to dust and all that. To think... it all started with Dust. Next came the dust kitties... then the rest all followed.

I have no carpets but sweep when I see mounds of dust ( about once a month ) and I pay someone to vaccuum when the house inspection is due or I cajole a friend. Reading always appeals to me a lot more than any sort of domesticity

lol. That's rather clever and hrm, yes, numbers aren't perfectly aligning here.

Ah.. Mr Trebus.

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