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Orpington was also famous for breeding chickens
and has a pub named after the most famous breed - The Buff Orpington.

Oh the fun we have when someone says "I'm going for a beer and will meet you in the buff".

Darwinism, now replaced by Neo-Darwinism is a very interesting topic in itself. His role and the (in)credible story of his life and times still fascinate me.

Great post - though a bit naughty for sneaking in the words 'intelligently designed' in there.

Excellent... and I do like the idea of having one of Darwin's chestnuts growing in one's back garden.

Bloody hell, is that was the R8 looks like now?! It was a fairly normal looking little bus last time I saw one.

Tip for Downe - go via Bromley, and if you miss the 146, get a 320 (runs every 15 minutes) and get off at Leaves Green, and it's a 20-minute walk through a farm / down a lane to get to Downe.

When I went there, I was particularly taken with the travel agencies selling Christmas holidays that took place in October, and the enormous savings on crisps that could be had in the discount shops.

Those little minibuses could be seen in Tower Hamlets until earlier in the year, the 395 used to use them through the Rotherhithe Tunnel.

Fascinating as usual.

I never knew about Darwin's Sandwalk. It's nice that they've still preserved it all.

Where is the DG's Sandwalk?

Did the chestnut survive?

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