please empty your brain below

DG back to best, intresting and entertaining. I am intersted in the more weird facts of Wembley, new and old.

Like: One of the trains used to transport materials in and out for building Wembley is buried under the arena

And then the comparisions that Sir John would have loved:
Weighing in at a mighty 1,750 tonnes, the Arch weighs the equivalent of 275 double decker buses or ten Jumbo Jets. [why do we compare things to double decker buses (why not bendy buses), Jumbo jets and come to think of it, the Size of Wales]

The tips of the Arch, known as ‘pencil ends’, are 18 million times as heavy as an average pencil. [and then the plain weird comparator]

When will the friendly bombs fall on the new Arch..

You can catch a glimpse of the Palace of Industry on Google streetview, if you come into Fulton Road from Empire Way - from the north. Keep going through the road closed sign and move forward in tiny steps; as you creep round the bend, you can see the end of the building (street view date October 2009) until you clash with the updated streetview of 2015, whereupon the building is a pile of rubble.

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