please empty your brain below

Hurrah, BBC4 are screening Metro-land at 10pm on Bank Holiday Monday. Go on, you know you want to...

I'll need to remember and set the video.....

Great to hear Metroland is being broadcast. I had hoped it would be with this Betjeman season.

Never saw it first time round, so will definitely be watching it. Fascinating stuff D.G. I've stopped buying a daily paper, read you instead, so save £104 per year!

Watched it - brilliant stuff! Recorded - so will watch it again tonight in even more detail. Thanks for the tip-off.

didnt bother watching it

I saw it - fascinating stuff. It's just out on DVD for those who missed it.

Fascinating - taped it too!

Watched it at last, brilliant.

Recorded it, yet to watch it (as him indoors is no Betjeman fan, the Philistine), but looking forward to it. There's something about the sound of his voice...

Oh, and I saw him once - must have been around 1974 - in Stratford Upon Avon, at the grand opening of a newly restored stretch of inland waterway. The Queen Mum cut a ribbon, and then the great man read a specially commissioned poem.

(These days you'd probably get Chantelle doing a specially commissioned Oh My God...)

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