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But are you going to get 8MB? BT sent me an e-mail saying 8MB coming soon - indicate your interest here and we'll let you know when it is live. So I did and the e-mail arrived a few weeks later crowing about 8MB in my area so I clicked on all the links to upgrade to be told that actually, in your area, you can only get 5.5MB. I think that is so devious - In an age of mailmerge and intelligent e-mail, they send me e-mails about something I can't get. I haven't signed up so still on 2MB.

Also quite a nifty 'test' speed site:

Arrrgh- are you rubbing it in. Having recently moved from a 2mb line back to dialup after moving to rural Nova Scotia, I certainly miss broadband.

I remember going from 512k to 2mb and not really noticing much difference. I think it really matter when you start using Skype or other voice or video applications.. my only option for the moment is having a satellite and paying through the nose for 512k and a bandwidth limit.

Oh well... I don't miss hearing neighbours or sirens so I can live with my current ooo 41.2k this morning. And I still get to read blogs.

It's just lazyness really. Web designers could easily make beautiful sites which run quickly on dial-up. People try to be too flashy for their own good. I'm still on dial-up at home and when recently trying to buy tickets for Alton Towers I was scuppered at every point due to their endless plug-ins and flashy graphics. The result? We're off to Thorpe Park instead...

just be careful when they do it, they upgraded my parents from 1 to 4 while they were away and so didn't see the mail. they came back and found they had no internet as the router or something couldn't cope...

A word of warning: our connection speed was automatically upgraded for free a week ago. Since then, the connection keeps cutting off - at certain times of the day, every few minutes, and it takes a few attempts to re-connect. A phone call to the server company was met with an automated message informing us that many customers who had been upgraded were experiencing the same problems, which were "being dealt with", and anyone who had "non-essential" queries should hang up and stop wasting their time (in so many words). They're still dealing with the problem, it seems ...

If we're lucky, we can get about 256kbs on the office broadband. That's very early in the morning before everyone else gets in and logs on. I think I got about 10.5kbs on my home dial up connection the other month for about two minutes.

Thanks for keeping DG accessible to those of us who live in capital cities elsewhere.

Incidentally, those involved in planning for future tsunami warnings think that broadband is one of the answers. As if poor coastal dwellers have electricity, let alone internet .... !!
I blogged it here.

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