please empty your brain below

grumpy old DG try some harmony and slow deep reading (or be mean and TELL them to their faces to get real). SM

If you've got a good news-stand and have the right change they'll often serve you over the heads of the dithering ones. Personally I've found our ditherers are as numerous all year round but then our news-stand does coffee as well so the opportunities for timewasting faffing are endless

Or, just travel without bottled water at all, and if the worst comes to the worst, just drink your own urine.

Ken's launching a poster campaign. FACT!

Completely agree. These ditherers should be picked up by mobile patrols and fed into industrial sized shredders.

Or, how about a trip to the Antipodes before the price of oil goes *really* sky high. We're doing a nice line in frosty mornings at the moment.

the hot weather has obviously muddled DG’s brain. Order your paper direct to get a discount and keep a paper-boy in a job.
Ermm a more delicate question for men’s eyes only-
Morning ablutions without a daily paper to read???????

Coke Zero?

Isn't that just diet coke?

(Tastes the same to me anyhows)

Surely Coke Zero would be just water? Problem solved! I like my free copy of the Metro, partly because I leave our delivered paper at home for HRH to read.

yer right.

That's why I can't stand Starbucks or any other specialty coffee production venues. Waiting in line f-o-r-e-v-e-r as each fussy customer gets the exact triple latte capucchino espresso with a dash of cinnamon and one decaf short with steamed fat free milk and.....

I guess some folks just like all those things though.

Do WHSmith still have those newspaper racks with honesty boxes, into which you're supposed to bung the correct cost of the paper you're buying?

Matt - Last time I was there they had not replaced the one at Marylebone raiway station's WHSmith after it was stolen by louts.

At least, I assume it was louts, I may be guilty of stereotyping there.

Tom, Coke Zero is identical to Diet Coke except that it has 2 extra E numbers added. The thinking is that real men don't buy anything with Diet in the brand name and so have all moved over to Pepsi Max, an oxymoron if ever I saw one...

Peter- Doesn't work well in the shower (paper dissolves, laptop shorts out).

Lads seem to actually believe coke zero tastes better than Diet Coke. It tastes the same to me.. and gives me the same horrible bloated feeling!

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