please empty your brain below

There was a thing on BBC London the other day saying the development authority had started accepting bids on the stadium design. That can't be right, surely? Any info?

As dg suggests building will start in July 2008 (just 2 years time), I suspect that BBC is correct.
2 years isn't a lot of time eg:

5 months Architects to design
5 months Council to approve which design (including to-ing and fro-ing, arguments about cost and the like)
2 months planning permission
4 months Surveyors to discover problems (e.g. contamination)and sort out
3 months Council to tender building work
5 months Building company to schedule works and workers and get on site.

It's a tight schedule!

Someone was on Radio 4 on 6 July explaining that they are spending two years planning in the hope they get it right rather than rushing into getting it wrong. This sounds terribly like enlightened programme management to me...

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