please empty your brain below

you will like this:

It was a broiling hot day. He puts his gun down (which I'm sure is a violation) and he opens his canteen and says, 'Ma'am, will you lean your head back a little?' and he pours some of the water into her mouth.
Studs Terkel

Cheers, DG. I needed cooling down.

I would give so much to work out at Halley, it's one of my main ambitions. I've put myself on the BAS job email list, and am desperately waiting for something to come up that I would be suitable for.

I am very strange: inasmuch as the hotter it gets, the more pepper sauce I want to consume.

If you are going to Iceland- take a brolly and jumper. The weather on Friday and Saturday in Reykjavik was diabolical. Nearly put us off our drink, what with the inclement weather and waiting for nightfall before returning to our hotel. Disaster weekend.

Wonderful skiing here in New Zealand at the moment, apart from the occasional whiteouts. Wet and windy in Auckland but when the winter sun comes out it's still glorious.

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