please empty your brain below

That's not a record high temperature. This is a record high temperature.

I think DG's refereing to the UK - not the Rest of the World.

it was thunder and rain on 10th August 2003 in Warwick, UK as we were having a BBQ - typical!

brussels is dire at the moment. at 'only' 32°C, no breeze and heavy pollution (at least, where i work), asthmatics are really suffering.

i prefer staying on at work now as we have air con in this office

What are you doing to reduce your emissions?

Oh, I know that's what he meant. But being an Aussie, I can't help but poke fun at what passes for hot back in the old country, DG's plea for tolerance notwithstanding Mind you, I'm not claiming that 38.5 would be in the least bit comfortable ...

2 billion degrees. THAT is hot:

"please allow us pasty-legged Brits our overblown lethargic moaning, just this once. Thanks" Just this once, DG?

can't understand you poms moaning about a bit of heat. Mid winter here and I would love a day of 39.

Its our national pastime and we have to indulge in a bit of moaning even when things are otherwise lovely.

The weather we have here might not be excessive for those on the other side of the world, but we don't live on the other side of the world, so there. The implication being that you're not allowed to complain about weather unless you leave in the antarctic or the middle of a desert?

Phew what a scorcher! They are saying it's hotter than Rio, but it is winter in Rio.

we also don't have the air conditioning, swimming pools and clothing to deal with the heat very well - because every year we think it isn't going to happen

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