please empty your brain below




dg writes: oops *splutter*

Hang on - Monday - 10.05am - where's DG? WHERE'S DG?

I'm scared.

Maybe DG is out and about investigating the second huge fire in Bow in less than a year (it took crews from across East London 3 days to put out)... Hope it wasn't too local.

Or maybe not.

missing dg, but glad he's decided that not blogging everyday isn't a crime!

Maybe this is one of these days that the blog entry is there but only if you have RSS reader or a copy of Time Out or a lump of kryptonite in your pocket....or something.

If we don't put any comments in, he'll think that no one loves him.

By the way, I may just check out the Theatre Museum next time I am in the area.

Yet another hidden treasure I visited while recently in London. So weird that now you are blogging the Theatre museum also. I agree it takes a bit of effort to enjoy some of the arcane displays, but there really is an amazing amount of history piled up in that basement. I was lost for hours.

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