please empty your brain below

Could do with borrowing a few of those, thanks. It did make me check to see what was on the end of Pussy Galore in Blogspot (Boring, innit?)

Brilliant stuff dg.

I thought the following might come in handy.

A. Trainspotter alert level

1. Photo of my local tube station with a bit about its history. It's a listed building, after all.

2. Inventory of CCTV cameras and destination boards at my local station. They're new and exciting.

3. Description of walk along 20km of tube line, focussing on a mixture of interesting features and the brickwork at each station. Someone might find it interesting.

4. Walk along bus route, with photo of every bus stop on the route, and along former and proposed future itineries of the route and its previous suffixed variants. Not even Time Out do this.

5. Month-long feature including a photograph of a road sign from every street in the borough of Bexley, carefully arranged in alphabetical order, with older streets being placed first where names are duplicated. More suburban tedium than even Jean Rolin dreamed of.


B. Pop music Trainspotter alert level

1. Well known hit single by Blondie

2. Early Depeche Mode album track.

3. Additional track on limited edition picture flexi-disc available by collecting vouchers from Walls Sausages packs that reached no 63 in the charts in 1981.

4. Song I taped off the radio 30 years ago that may never have had a commercial release even though Dave Lee Travis loved it.

5. Obscure single that, despite having had a major label release and being a Record Mirror single of the week, sold very few copies and wasn't played on the radio. 'Kicks!' by Last Few Days! qualifies on all counts.

(Pauses. Hopes this is taken in the right spirit.)

I like Kittens

LOL, excellent stuff. Bravo Sir!

All I did with this was chuck a link in my 'overflow' section... hence you get to write for Timeout and I get to pay bandwidth charges for my drivel. C'est la vie.

Hmm that sounds like I'm bitter. I'm not! Well maybe bitterSWEET..

Hahaha, good stuff DG.

Hmm. What could go on mine?

Vitriol alert:
-Red: Full tilt - may cause damp seat
-Amber: High Bitchery - may cause cuts due to sharpness
-Green:May contain traces of Bitching
-Pink: Look at pics of fluffy kittinz

How'd you make those drop-downs?

A preview of tomorrow's Friday Thing:

Terror Alerts for Hello! and Take-a-Break readers

Level One: A guided tour of David and Victoria's new summerhouse
Level Two: A guided tour of Wayne and Colette's new outhouse
Level Three: Barrymore presents Celebrity Synchro Swimming
Level Four: The unshaven Jade Goody many-tentacled woe
Level Five: Jeremy Clarkson taking a Honda Civic from behind

Which list? Need you ask?

Kitten free zone if good. But what about cat that look like Hitler? Are they banned too? This is kind of funny (not related to me or mine at all).


I'd have:

Quite pleased with it today - read on; mostly original material; one joke - lots of padding; I'd read the archives if I were you; have you considered

Give me the hiatus list at the moment. But I've just drawn a line under 45,000 other words that have been worrying me, so hopefully I won't be needing it in the near future.

I seem to have inadvertently fallen into writing two blogs on one site. I have seriously considered splitting them up, but decided people will decide what to read on a post-by-post basis. And then, on Wednesday night, one of my readers approached me and said she was a massive fan of Plácido, which is why she reads my blog, and then we went onto discuss how useless is Peter Crouch and why do people feel the urge to kowtow to Royalty.

More kittens!! Other blogs oblige on an infrequent basis ...

Occasional tabby goodness on mine and cute dog overload on hungover days.
another one could be...
Green: trivia for friends & family.
Amber: trivia for the select friends in the know.
Red: Bore for (insert country of choice here).
Great blog btw.

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