please empty your brain below

I hope you demanded to be paid five pounds ... what happened ? did Merv keep his promise?

I understood that originally meant a pound of gold ... easier than carrying it around. How inflation goes eh?

I have been in with a note that had been through the washing machine and had it replaced.

This is going to be a fascinating read, for me, because obviously, I know the City quite well, but as I've never worked there, I go as a visitor - surprisingly often. And of course, along with Westminster, and bits of Camden, K&C, Tower Hamlets, Southwark, and God's Own Borough, represents what people think of as London.

I don't know if you've done Custom House on Upper Thames Street in an Open House weekend, but their Long Room is something to behold (historic Custom Houses are generally more interesting than banks, IMHO).

Oh - trip down memory lane for me - used to work in Square Mile throughout most of 90s. I was one of the summer sandwich eaters in Finsbury Circus then. (In the summer it's a place for lots of visual entertainment.) Your piece of St.Dunstan's is something new I have learned already. Cheers!

Fascinating as usual. St. Dunstan's garden oasis is amazing. Thanks for the great reporting.

Is this the only 'borough' that has land outside of its' regular boundary. Perhaps a visit to Hamsptead Heath or Farthing Downs in Surrey would complete your tour of the City.

Excellent as ever DG.... some other places to take my camera.

Thanks for that, I've already started collecting for a "surprising parks" series to follow on after my elephant series comes to an end (only 3, maybe 4, more). A perfect addition, thanks!

(relief) clicking on the link revealed that I did know the park, just not the name

Great post DG Entirely agree re."concentrated slab of fascinatingness " - try saying that in a hurry - the city, particulatly at the week-end , is a mixture of the charming and the very slightly sinister - dark past , secret societies, sorry livery companies!

I love St Dunstan's - never been there on a weekday lunchtime, when I imagine it's rather full - but on a Saturday it's wonderfully peaceful.

The BoE Museum is excellent - small enough to take everything in, large enough to be able to be really informative about its subject.

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