please empty your brain below

I am suspicious.
I do not belive that *you* drove down that road, not least because I doubt they have automatic hire cars out there.

Is there more to this visit than meets the eye?

Ah but they do have automatic hire cars out there, obtainable at very reasonable prices from Stornoway airport.

I believe they even get back some of their cars in one piece.

At least there doesn't appear to be the high hedges on each side which are an added twist to the "joys" of single track driving in Cornwall. Or is it not much of a consolation?

I still have nightmares about a similar 30 mile stretch of winding, high banked single track road that lead to a friend's cottage somewhere up on the West Coast of Scotland. I wouldn't have believed that driving such a short distance could be so tiring. Still it did mean we minimised our car use as it was the only way in or out.

I haven't been out to the more isolated bits of Scotland in a good 5 years, and you're really making me want to revisit them.

And I'll agree somewhat with Strops that the hedge-walled West Country roads are more frightening than the Hebridean ones. But those single-track Highland roads where it's a 500 foot drop off to one side are another story entirely.

According to my old OS and new road maps, there are far fewer single track roads on the Scottish mainland than there used to be. The old signs, I suspect, are stored round the back of Green Street. I surmise that some part of the "A" must have rubbed off.

Golden Rules for single track roads:

(1) Put your headlights on (makes you visible a log way off and reduces the likelihood of collisions)

(2) NEVER get closer than one inter-passing-place gap to the car in front (that way, when you meet a stream of cars coming the other way, you can handle it)

(3) Always assume that blind corners have something large and unforgiving about to come round them. Hence...

(3a) Don't go fast unless the road is dead straight.

(4) Always be prepared to back up if you're nearer a passing place than the other guy.

(5) Give a thank-you wave to people who have given way to you.

Do that and life will be happy and long. Otherwise (especially if you forget #3) - deep sadness.

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