please empty your brain below

i knew your would write about this. I managed to read without artificial light outside a youth hostel (which was a tin shed) at 11 p.m. without difficulty.

For the rest of the week I have very little idea exactly what you will write about (hedgehogs ?).

How did you find the Oystercatchers? When I was on the west coast of Scotland for a week their 86 decibel honking kept me awake all through the night.

One tip if you move here that I wish we had done: buy thick or blackout curtains for your bedroom.

3:30am this morning and I'm reading a book in bed. With no light on, and the curtain shut.

Blearily yours,

aren't the solstice and midsummer's day different things? the former is the 21st june, the latter the 24th?

What's this about a lamp post? I thought you had gone away into the wilderness. We don't have any in our village which is much nearer to 'civilisation' than the Hebrides.

I couldn't work out why a couple of houses on a lonely hillside were worthy of two lampposts, but maybe I'd think differently in December.

Those short nights sure take some getting used to. I once spent a couple of summer months in southern Norway and was woken up at 4 o'clock one morning by the sound of a lawnmower, thankfully not a motorised one.

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