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Blimey. A couple of years ago I went to Inverness - that's "quiet" for beginners. This looks like something else.

I get the feeling it'll be an interesting week here

Looks lovely - It's been on my list of places to see one day for quite a while.

DG, thanks so much for giving us these glimpses of this wonderful place. It surprised me to see a population of 17,000+ on the main island. Regarding electricity there. I'm in southwestern Wisconsin and, believe it or not, they didn't even have electricity here til after WWII. That means no running water, refrigeration, etc. Oh, the things we take for granted in this modern world....

Isnt it strange that the sea seems so tropical?

Glad they managed to deliver your kilt in time for Sunday service.
[Amazing photies]

The ferry takes a long time, but if the weather is good, you get great views of the other islands as you steam out from Oban, and also get to see some fascinating birds and sea creatures en route. The train journey from Glasgow to Oban ain't half bad either.

Ahh, Janet, you can have refrigeration and running water without electricity.

I spent a couple of holidays in an electricityless cottage near Loch Ness. Bottled gas fridge, gravity fed water, lighting by Tilly lamps.
(n.b. Janet is never ever going to read this, 15 years later)

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