please empty your brain below

Welcome back to the big city

Sniffle...We missed you!

Welcome back.

How about:

5. Shops are open on Sundays ?

Yes - it was a bit weird clicking through to here and not seeing a new posting every morning.

It is amazing what us city people endure but not really notice (or consider so normal we tolerate it) - until we go away to somewhere completely different.

Wait till the next England game - it gets really quiet then ...

I live in E3, but I'm from the West Highlands, so it's really pleasant to read what you think about my part of the world as well as the one I currently live in. I've learned a lot about E3 from this blog, but I never though I'd find you talking about Reinigeadal (the youth hostel there is lovely, btw - try staying the night next time!) or the Sabbath. There are so many things I miss about home, but in a way the fact that Mile End is the polar opposite of Wester Ross makes the homesickness better, because there's just no comparison.

If you like listening to the Gaelic language, check out the London Gaelic Choir - we give occasional concerts, mostly at Cecil Sharp House. It's something of an oddity, being the only UK Scots Gaelic choir outside Scotland, but also the oldest one in the world. Forgive the plug.

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