please empty your brain below

Addition to Step 1: 'or the USA'

we'll be in Skye the first week in July, in time for the semi finals and the final *bliss*

I wish you good weather verity.... Skye in the sunshine is beautiful.

Actually it's rather nice n the rain too..... which is just as well in my experience.

I'm off to the US for the end of June and half of July. The timing makes me very happy.

Currently 26C in Benbecula - about the same temperature as in London. But less football.

I beg to differ!

Am in the USA right now, and watched the England game at 9am this morning, with 20 other people and a cold beer in hand! Most enjoyable.

have a good week off DG. i do believe we're going to see you not post everyday for the first time that I can ever remember!

I'm just back from a fortnight in the Hebrides and (most of the time) the weather was LOVELY.

on the subject of the hebrides i would like to add that my cat is called skye and my dog is called lewis :o)

oh is DG having a week off? he deserves it



I'd expect an appearance will be put in (a-la SanFran)

"Come back, you splitter!"

I see that the Western Isles ban on Sunday activity has also applied to DG posts. Will Sunday's post appear on Monday (just like the Sunday newspapers?)

I envy you, you lucky, lucky b*st*rd

OK, well let's not delay the inevitable.

I start with Farringdon, invoking the 1958 amended rule book (which, as you know means that gold counters are wild).

Looks as though we'll have to keep the blog going ourselves until DG gets back. Please leave a comment, preferably something well-written, informative and witty.

So DG is away for a week
Our lives are left rather bleak
We are missing his words
Our brains are unstirred
No paddle and right up the creek.

But of course you can do much better...

DG's hopped it on a plane
To the land of mist and rain,
He has earned a break, that's plain,
Faithful readers sigh in vain
And sadly sing the old refrain,
"Will ye no' come back again?"

DG's away, and we're in all despair
Who will fill out void?
Perhaps we could wrap each other nicely wrapped presents?
Or instead, be predictable and have a game of...

1958 amended rules eh quin... ok then I can play...

(haven't come up with a DG limerick yet!)

I invoke the 1966 Reverse Mantra and deploy...

Dollis Hill

Another mention in Time Out! You'll be on their paid staff soon...

Mr D! Dangerous play. Luckily I'm in spoon, so using a massive sacrifice of LV I can extricate ourselves out of this potentially lethal Dollis Hill loop.


** Stranraer **

Arses, I overshot.

Well, even though no-one is currently in knip, it looks as though there is no choice:


This whole 'faraway Scottish Isle' is a typical DG smokescreen. I suspect he is camping in a field in Frankfurt with a load of other 'diamond geezers'. He will have shaved his head, had 'three lions' and '1966' tatooed on his arms and be watching his beer belly turn lobster red. His posts earlier this year of living several weeks without a shower were merely a training exercise for being on an England away trip.

*determined to still visit every weekday even if there is no update as I am a woman of HABIT*

Bakerloo - using the double backed golden ticket winkler(not to be mixed up with golden counters)

Following the reverse russian roulette rules which were instigated back in 1645......


I suspect DG is busily snapping photos and blackberrying down data for an insightful tagalong of his holidays.

In the meantime there are treasure troves of postings in the archives. Very entertaining.

There's just no substitute for the DG.


.... oh. Ok, Dalston Junction.

Diamond geezer’s flown away,
Where he’s landed none can say,
He’s disconnected, mute, and out of reach,
Is he having lots of fun
Underneath a foreign sun?
Or lying on a stony Scottish beach?

Be it Arran, Eigg or Rhum,
Still the best is yet to come
When he blogs about his holiday address,
There’ll be places to explore,
And photos by the score,
With quirky little facts you’d never guess.

Though we miss the diamond geezer,
And his last post was a teaser
(He may have gone to Deutschland after all),
We don’t bear him any malice,
He's the blogger über alles,
Enjoy your hols, dg, and have a ball.

You could always open a second hand Trinidad and Tobago shirt shop...

IF D.G. is casually opening his blog whilst away to check up on the comments- then PLEASE give us a wave tonight at the Trinidad game. Wear a carnation to be recognised. GOONER for ever.

Found a highly appropriate T-shirt of DG to wear whilst on hols....

It's even got a Flag of St George on it Michael

Hahahaha! You just described coming to Newfoundland, Canada. You can find the footie if you so wish, but avoiding it is dead easy, too.

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