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Thanks for the great blog trip. It must have been interesting to be there off season in the snow.

I recently discovered the classic 1944 movie 'A Canterbury Tale', which scarcely shows the actual cathedral, but somehow captures a deeper mystery.

I geeked out at bit at the abbey.

It was quite funny when I went, as I went with one of my friends who had been there before. However, due to being a giant history geek he said he learned more on that trip than any other time.

Canterbury is so very interesting and old.

And its a lovely old town as well, you can go on boat trips, have a cream tea, get trodden on by tourists ...

Wot no anti-valentines link? :-(

If you want cricketing perfection on a summer Sunday afternoon, the St Lawrence Ground, about three-quarters of a mile from the centre, is the place to go.

I vaguely remember going to Canterbury on a school trip when I was about 10. At least I remember scrutinising the floor for Thomas a Becket's blood. I was that sort of child!

Can't believe a patch of snow covered grass was considered too dangerous to walk on! Where I'm living there are several inches of snow on the ground constantly from Dec-March!!

Nice post. Makes me want to go back for another visit.

Is there still an attraction there called something like the Canterbury Tales Experience? We visited it on a school trip and it had low-budget animatronic tableaux from the stories, plus various odd smells...

I know that I've been to Canterbury, but that was years and years ago, sometime in the 1970's. Perhaps it's time for another visit.

When I was a kid about 10 yrs old my big sister took me on a trip to Canterbury. We caught a train out of London to somewhere in Kent and then walked along the Pilgrims' Way (what was left of it) for three or four days, stopping at youth hostels overnight.
Best cathedral memory - the display of Edward the Black Prince's 600 yr old armour.

Edward the Black Prince's 600 yr old armour is still there, in a case up on the wall, you'll be glad to hear.

One tip; befriend a local. They can get a permit for free entry to the cathedral, and a permit for 24 hour access to the abbey grounds. Sitting on the grass by the ruins on a summer's evening is a idyllic spot for a picnic.

Another tip: stay at the Canterbury Cathedral Lodge which is in the grounds of the cathedral. Lovely views of the cathedral plus free entry! And pleasant modern/traditional English architecture.
Thanks for the posts, DG

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