please empty your brain below

good film, well I thought it was good when I last saw it about 20 years ago, probably rubbish actually but could have been good.

No, Mr.BW it was a good fillum... I saw it again recently and think it stands up pretty well (and the easy listening tracks are easier than ever). I hear the remake was crap, however.

Nice one DG.

Hoi! You! DG! How did you get Blogger to publish your site today? You're the only blogger on the entire planet who has managed this little trick.

Scaryduck - bear in mind he's curently near Mountain View where they are based... He probably went round in person
(and this wasn't published at 09:00 on my computer either )

I guess I got (very) lucky with a normal 'publish' at (honest) 09:00 (UK time).

Now for a dash to the airport...

nice travel commentary DG :o)

ahem, if you look back, i've been leaving you messages for quite some time sailor-boy.

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