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Of course San Francisco could very easily survive something as benign as a heat-wave. You know, the same weather event that killed around 15,000 people in France back in 2003.

OK, fess up, did you really post this entry at that exact time? And in which time zone?

dg writes: This blog runs on UK time, which is just as well because it gave me a chance to sleep before the real 5:12am over here

Reference Monday’s blog & DVT.

and watching the over 50s walking round and round the plane because they saw on TV once that sitting down can kill you.

no we were not on an aeroplane but at a party. Unfortunately our 50’s friend could not join in as he is on medication following his return trip from Tokyo when he insisted on sleeping most of the flight. He collapsed at work.

Buy the stockings for the return journey

Thanks to your posting yesterday, I was aware of this anniversary coming up today. However, there was something on Five Live this morning that I certainly wasn't expecting; a report from an eye-witness who is still alive and remembers the quake. Yes, they had a 109 year-old on! Amazing.

She was on the BBC at lunchtime too. Unbelievable lady for 109.

On the same programme, a seismologist was quoted as saying that there is a 62\\% chance of another earthquake of similar proportions in SF in the next 30 years. I thought you'd like a statistic like that DG

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