please empty your brain below

Have a grand time and have a break!

Have a great trip. Be sure to where some flowers in your hair.

Have a lovely time.

Could we have the missing 't' before you go, please?

*always happy when she spots a typo at DG, Easter ones are worth double *

dg blushes: Oops. Just in time...

Have fun; I know you will

Enjoy the availability of running hot water and the trip.

Hope you have a great time dg

Come back fat on Dim Sum!

Happy holidays!

So, er, let me get this right? Diamond Geezer is taking a holiday? Again?


I think this means that I can now claim the title of least holidayed UK blogger. I thank you.

Have a great time, DG.

bring me back a Giants hat! please!

Indeed have a good time dg. Enjoy the hot water.

Bruce Schneier says about airport security '... we should all be glad that Richard Reid wasn't the "underwear bomber." ' That maybe goes double for your current bathless state.

The San Francisco Giants baseball team plays in what is one of the coolest places around -- AT&T Park. A home-run hit over the right-field wall will usually end up in the bay. (Actually called McCovey Cove after former Giants great Willie McCovey. It used to be called China Basin.) They actually rent sea kayaks and fishing nets to people who want to sit in the bay and retrieve homers.\\_sbc.shtml

dg writes: Went there last time, David. Here's the match report, and here's a photo.

A better perspective.,0.026951&

Seems like everybody in Britain with a blog is going to the States at the moment. Have a good time.

Get a sundae from Ghiradellis; they are devine.

A trip to California while the boiler's being fixed. That's what I call spending money in style.

"BestMate has offered the use of his bathroom..."

You've had an offer from a racehorse? Bizarre.

I see you're already getting into the culture by adopting American spelling before you go:
"humorless immigration droids". Don't stay there too long - you may be tainted forever! Have a great time!


If you go to another Giants game make sure you get an order of "garlic fries" at the game. AT&T, or SBC, park (whatever it's now called) is famous for these french fries drenched in garlic. Oh, and make sure you get to an In-N-Out Burger stand. Order a "double-double" and you won't be disappointed.

But I hate garlic. Do people really eat these and then sit in a confined space for three hours and watch the game? Ugh.

Have a fab time, I was there about 18 months ago, and it is a lovely city.

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