please empty your brain below

Well, DUH! 33,000 is a good deal...

Take the money in all cases. I'm skint.

I would keep opening boxes, because I came with no money so it doesn't matter if I win the smallest amount, I'm still ahead. In the Australian version, the top amount is $200,000 and there is a car in one of the cases (not an actual car, you know what I mean).

Anything over my current yearly wages (i.e. the last two) I'd take.

Hum come in with nothing, assured £3,500 vs 1/2 risk of a significantly lower amount and 1/8 risk of the prize not even covering up the travelcard. Sorry, not a risk taker, I'll go for the deal.

I'm like Stroppy Cow. I'm Risk Averse. I could work out the Expected Value but that is beside th epoint, because it is only of relevance over a larger population, whereas this is a one-off, population of one situation, and staistics are less relevant than fuzzy logic and gut instinct.

But then, I never fall for Get Rich Quick schemes either

charlie brooker was on telly last night having a pop at this show. he was very funny.
charlie on noel:
*noel picks up ancient bakelite phone*
"hello? is that the 1930's? could you please stop WWII?"


I like Scaryduck's version better.... I'd watch for even a 1 in 10,000 chance of Noel getting punched in the face.

I'd probably deal with the banker on all those amounts offered (if I understand the rules as explained here....) a definite £3500 is better than a 50:50 chance of more.

Oh, I understand the poll now. Ahum.

No deal on the lower two, deal on the higher two. It makes statistical sense to take the deal on all four, but I'd personally be prepared to gamble on the two lower amounts, in expectation of a better deal after the next round. If I were skint, then I'd be much more likely to take the lower deal.

Anything from option 2 upwards.

But then we're at the end of a VERY long five week month and my lunch of cold chicken, and half a potato tortilla has clouded my view... or something...

One of the things that comes across in the show is that all players want the person to win. There is no backstabbing, they all genuinely want the person to walk away with £250K. (rather than millionaire where they must all be willing the person to fail so that they get anoyther shot before the programme ends). This comes across as a positive angle on the show and I heard a recent interview where Noel said that some people are on there for weeks staying at a hotel in Bristol waiting their turn. Guess that helps the friendship that clearly exists between the contestants. it is a good simple show with a positive vibe about it, go Noel

We have that on French TV too. The contestants always end up crying because of the stress. Who invents these things?

What mr bw said.... well the last bit anyway. Go Noel! And don't come back this time.

Anyone putting up with forty five minutes of that smug-looking bastard Noel Edmonds deserves a quarter of a millon.

i've a friend who's a contestant. she's been on 55 shows and hasn't been picked to play yet.

luckily i'm here to look after her gerbils.

it's been very stimulating for all of us.

*closes ears at the words stimulating and gerbils being used in the same comment thread*

*gets coat and leaves*

I'd go for the $33 and struggle to decide with the $17. Wouldn't take the two lower amounts. While I understand that even at $3,500, you have a significant chance of getting less (50\\%), and at $7,000 that chance is (62\\%). Less than $10,000 just isn't enough money to motivate me not to take the chance.

Sounds like a cool show, and great name for the host : )

This sounds like a variation on the classic probability problem, the Monty Hall paradox.

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