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Bushey Park

No, really - Bushy Park.

Oooh, these pics are lovely...

Ta, DG.

i've got a bushy park.

Is this the start of a DG London Parks series?

They're my favourite thing about London.

You were lucky to miss out the rain. I like Bushy Park better than Richmond Park, less exposed (ok you miss out on the views), less crowded and more varied. Did you get in via the Kingston, Hampton or Teddington end entrance?

dg writes: In at Hampton, out at Hampton Wick (much further than it sounds)

Yes you went the long way across the park. You should have let me know, I live within walking distance and you could have dropped in for a cuppa.
has some more photos I took last year when it was looking very wintry.

Gah! Clicked a link too soon, and instead of a view St. Paulwards I was faced with a picture of Red Ken!

The wild flowers are out in sunny Deptford as well - just in the last couple of days (photos here)

yes - do parks!

nice pics!
and yes spring is delaying too much this year! i'm beginning to feel "miserable" with "the winter blues" as all the holidays abroad advertisements proclaim

I hope spring springs soon - we're off for a week in the Yorkshire Dales next Saturday. Last week I visited Glasgow by train and the countryside looked universally beige and drab.

I remember it as Bushey Park when I was young. I think it may have been Bushy Park originally and Royal Parks have done a bit of retro renaming, but Bushey Park was where the buses went.

I miss your blog for a couple of days and you go and do Richmond Park!Well - you hardly "did " it - Pembroke Lodge is for tourists and if you saw the cyclists you were on the roads - go back and do the Isabella Plantation for signs of spring and then get lost beyond the ponds, off the beaten track. Yours, carping again, Elaine

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