please empty your brain below

Great to see a list of free events. Checkout this link for low cost/free London events.

I plan to be in London May 1 for a week and hope to find more things to do.

Gene - Don't bother trying to book a visit to see the post office railway. Its been closed for years.

At least once you do manage to find out about specific events the information is generally correct - and no doubt DG's guide will have plenty of links to the organiser's website so you can double-check.

Unfortunately I have found that travel guides the world over sometimes just update their previous editions without actually checking that the existing entries are still correct. To be fair to the site who publishes the weblink you gave, I could not get to the information from the home page so I guess it was something that was just lying around and you somehow managed to find it. The dangers of search engines !?

DG, great point. I'm as much (possibly more) in the dark as you, but you have prompted me to start a wiki
using your list. This can be edited by anyone. Might need some structure if it grows.

Gene - that's a great list (and mostly accurate), but it's full of daily and weekly free things to do, not big one-off events.

Ham - that's a great idea. A wiki is just what this needs.

But nobody's suggested any more "big free events" yet. There must be some...

I added to Ham's wiki: London Mela (August 2006 date TBC) - and also the New Year's Day Parade. Also added a few clickable URLs, but ran out of time. Great idea though - it's hard to find out what's on - but I wouldn't limit this list to just "big" events - the more comprehensive it is the better! I would even propose adding stuff to list that occurs regularly e.g. weekly - the sort of things you can kill a couple of hours at - i.e. not something neccesarily big. Just thinking out aloud.

There is one at, not sure how often it gets updated but it did have the London Maze thing listed. Has quite a wide variety of events, pretty helpful

Jag - Mela should defintely be in there, once they sort a date out. But I was trying to avoid regular weekly events here because the big one-off specials tend to get lost amongst them.

Alex - londonfreelist's useful, but doesn't go very far into the future. But I did discover a festival on the South Bank next weekend listed there, thanks!

Hmm...I guess we all think of London in different ways. I'm passionate about it, but this list is to me a handy reminder in one place of things mostly to avoid.

Ooops, - well excepting Open House weekend of course.

How about Fruitstock 5 - 6 August, Regents Park (

Given DG's seeming enthusiasm for the upcoming Olympics (despite the disruptive building works), I thought the following 'event' may be of interest ... though with DG's stringent criteria, this might not qualify as an 'event' ....\\_Olympics.asp

You mention the Visit London site, but have you signed up for the Visit London email from the site?

That lists lots of events, and the free ones are easy to spot. Or maybe it's just that my Value Eyes are drawn to them...

This is the same 'Visit London' site which next Sunday is recommending a Mothering Sunday Trail around the grounds of Corfe Castle?
In Dorset.

Great idea - - small free events also useful! Suggest the Covent Garden Festival in May. I don't know what is on this year but highlight for me was seeing Trial by Jury (Gilbert and Sullivan) in a real court in the Law Courts, Strand
Gene's link is useful but one of the top 10,Mount Pleasant Sorting Office ,is now closed to the public and a poor alternative, the Postal Museum, is around the corner

I can't find any legitimate website mentioning the 2006 Covent Garden Festival. Is it on? Is it free?

DG, Covent Garden tube station do a free Covent Garden magazine. It's bound to be in there.

Surely the Olympic Opening Ceremony will not be free to attend?

I'm hoping that watching the fireworks from outside will be free...

Blackheath Fireworks?

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