please empty your brain below

Surely worth a mention of the building's history, DG?

I've added four words (and three links) for you, Ian.

Bedlam, it was.

A great site. Brings back memories of a great time living in London years ago.

Perfect. An ex-nuthouse turned into a war museum. That makes sense. And I'm strangely pleased that they haven't softened the name at all - it takes some sort of bloody mindedness to retain the words 'imperial' and 'war' in your title ...

It's Focke, not Fokke. You're thinking of Fokker, you silly f

Oops. Or rather Fock.

I take back everything I wrote yesterday - you have done us proud South of the river.
My feelings about the Imperial War Museum are like yours . Not an attractive idea, a war museum, but in fact many of the exhibits are very moving.

Thanks DG, I've really enjoyed Baker100. I think you've captured the south perfectly - unmanicured with a few gems if you look closely. That's why I like living here.

Ah, the Morrison shelter. I liked playing with the neighbours' daughters across the road because they had one in their bay window. When you got tired of playing house inside it, you could tap dance on top of it. It made a very pleasing racket.

My Nan still has an 'Anderson' shelter in the garden - no REALLY.

Did you get someone to take a picture of you standing next to the world's biggest shell? There was a queue of people doing just that on the day we went a few years ago.

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