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Quite a few remarkable shops etc in Lower Marsh. Worth giving Marsh Ruby a plug as it is one of the best lunchtime curries you will ever have. Also, a trainspotters heaven bookshop, with an S&M outfitters opposite. Makes you wonder.

Thanks for the tour, DG, much enjoyed.

I'm not sure I'd have been able to walk in Lambeth without feeling the urge to go OI! every now and then.

I used to work on Lower Marsh when I first moved to London and I think it's the nicest location I've ever worked in.

Marie's Cafe is the best place to eat on Lower Marsh, very cheap, excellent food (not the kind of grub you'd expect given its name) and also good for a bit of star spotting (I seem to remember it's Tracey Emin's favourite eatery).

Lower Marsh has everything you might want - and there is even a public toliet on Lower Marsh, just next to the library (tucked away though so it's easy to miss).

C&P is a great bookshop and a really good addition to the street. I just hope they can get enough customers to stay open.

Glad to see people standing up for Lower Marsh. No decent market is any good on a Saturday afternoon!
Your Bakerloo series has been great and I hesitate - well,just for a moment or two - to quibble and maybe you just were getting jaded towards the end of the trip but I feel south of the river was not fairly represented
You walked from Baker Street to Mme Tussaud's .How far from Lambeth North station did you walk - say, straight opposite towards the Imperial War Museum, A nice quiet georgian terrace or 2 - hardly "bleak" -along the way.Come on DG give the south your best

elaine - in Lower Marsh I wrote about what I saw, which on a Saturday afternoon was no market whatsoever and a lot of half-open shops. I'm sure if I'd visited during the week things would have looked and felt very different.

As for the terraces south of Lambeth North, yes they are rather lovelier, but the original Bakerloo line didn't quite reach that far.

But you didn't expect me to miss out on the Imperial War Museum, did you...?

Lower Marsh is one of the most photogenic places in Sarf London, even though the stall holders took the piss out of me when I was down there last time :D


One of the most authentic places in all of Southbank.

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