please empty your brain below

Full names please.
And just one guess each, ta.

T Anthony Andrews?

A - Andy Fairweather Low

J - Andy Warhol

P - Andrew Motion

R - Andrew Lincoln

C) Andy Williams.

How sad is it that he was the first Andrew I thought of... and then searched for him amongst your clues?

Q - Andy Flintoff

A - Hurricane Andrew ?

S - Julie Andrews

k. Prince Andrew

O - Andy Bell, from Erasure.

U - andy pandy!!

E: Andy Summers

(I confess that I had to check google to see if the decoded anagram made sense)

Only anagrams remain, but lots of them:
B (composer), D (‘singer’), F (DJ), G (singer), H (actor), I (TV presenter), L (screenwriter), M (editor), N (footballer)

D) Andrew Ridgeley. It was the inverted commas that helped me get it.

B) Andrew Lloyd Webber

F) Andy Kershaw

Damn, that's sad - I've now figured out all the others...

N) Andy Gray

(M) Andrew Neil

I) Eamonn Andrews

H) Andy Garcia

L) Andrew Davies

g andy stewart

g val doonican

That's all the Andies. Answers as follows:

A) Andy Fairweather-Low
B) Andrew Lloyd Webber
C) Andy Williams
D) Andrew Ridgeley
E) Andy Summers
F) Andy Kershaw
G) Andy Stewart
H) Andy Garcia
I) Eamonn Andrews
J) Andy Warhol
K) Prince Andrew
L) Andrew Davies
M) Andrew Neil
N) Andy Gray
O) Andy Bell
P) Andrew Motion
Q) Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff
R) Andrew Lincoln
S) Julie Andrews
T) Anthony Andrews
U) Andy Pandy

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