please empty your brain below

The Gorillaz album is definitely worth purchasing. It's very good.

And yes, I've noticed a lot of 'make money - be a full-time blogger' stuff about as well. I suspect that if you want to make enough to live on from blogging you either a) have to really be extremely exceptional, or b) not mind fleecing people and c) be in on the whole thing already. I expect the only money made by blogging on those 'make money blogging' blogs will be made by those running them off those visiting them/signing-up to whatever they're offering.

Even our youngest has the Gorillaz album DG... get with it!

RE: Living underwater... you mean Busted were right?

$245 for a course telling you how to stick ads on your blog and write posts that generate traffic? How I hate commercialisation, and rip-off merchants.

I was a bit disappointed by the HP movie to be honest. I thought it suffered from them trying to squeeze the whole story into too short a time, so even at two and a half hours it felt like the story was rushed and disjointed.

Dragons Den is compulsive viewing. It's noticable though that when the Dragons do part with their money it's usually for the simplest ideas.

Gorillaz - it's worth it just for the track featuring Dennis Hopper (yes THAT Dennis Hopper, is there another?)

Money from Blogs - we live in a capitalist economy. Bound to happen. Bored already. Move on.

Global warming - has been predicted for some time. Wonder if the "carbon allowance" will get the go ahead?

Bring on the Creme Eggs.

I luv 'em!

The Gorillaz album gets better with every listen.

Now, you're frightening me with the Creme Egg bit...

*remembers* Brace for impact of package holiday ads 24/7 on Boxing day.

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