please empty your brain below

Para 3, I think you said dry when you meant wet.

dg writes: oops, yes

Personally I wouldn't use an electric razor if you paid me. Or wouldn't have when I was shaving. Even less so now that I've grown a full-on mountainman bear-wrestling beard. Grrr!

I gave up my DRY shave about two years ago. WET shave razors don't seem to do the damage that they used to do years ago. Closer, fresher, cleaner.

My problem is the hair that grows thicker where I don't want it than it now does where it should - nose, ears instead of scalp.

You can buy new foils y'know...

dg writes: Do they still sell foils for 20th century electric razors?

Something dead manly about wet shaving, lathering yourself up, etc...
Or is that just me?

oh god I can't breathe you made me laugh about life on the other side of the gender divide...

I'd have thought that the Z in the name, and that little superscript 3 on the end would've been clues (or should that be cluez? *grin*) enough that this was a product aimed at the youth market...

"You too can look like Craig David!" Woo-hoo. Great. </sarcasm>

Goatees that don't join up top and bottom are nang though aren't they? I grew one as that's the only place I get any real facial hair growth at all and it meant I didn't even to have to shave every third day.

Hey, goatees work wonders for Rowan Atkinson.

Electric Shaver? Feh!

I use cold, hard steel as your electric thingies just rip my face off.

Also handy if I need to murder someone.

In answer to your question - there are whole websites dedicated to supplying shaver foils for obsolete razors (and others to supplying parts for obsolete almost everything else you care to think of elctrical appliances).

Even if you need the foil plus new cutters, they are usually a lot cheaper than a new one.

Still, too late now... although, knowing Argos, they won't check it if you take it back and get a refund...

I needed a new functioning razor rather quicker than I suspect a website could have delivered.

And maybe Argos'll offer me a refund because I really don't look like Craig David at all.

"You'll remember those kids in your class who sported full chest the age of 13."

I remember very well - I only had to look in a mirror! I never did let the bumfluff moustache grow while I was at school though.

Ugh, some of those beards were dreadful. Where was the 'flavour saver'? You know, that tiny inverted triangle of hair directly under the bottom lip. It makes men look like they are wearing a little vagina on their chin.

For the Craig David look just use a biro to draw one on ...

Stubble grows at one hundredth of an inch a day? Why did nobody tell mine? This is why I have a beard, because if I shave at eight in the morning I have a five o'clock shadow by ten. I could shave two or three times a day and still have stubble.

Mine grows so fast the left has a 5 o'clock shadow by the time I'm 3/4 of the way through shaving the right. It's a Homer Simpson thing...

It stops growing at 3mm, thus preventing actual beard growth,

Your type of beard growth works for Shaggy.

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