please empty your brain below

well life wouldn't be complete without the Discworld Almanac, complete with template for making the hole, allowing you to hang it from the privey wall.

An attack on cricket is an attack based on ignorence and impatience. No need for you to have said that - apart from to put off some of your avid readers.

Eeep. I think the commenter above hasn't had breakfast yet.

I thought 'Almanac' was a type of Brandy?

Whitaker 1976 was an invaluable resource for some years in my childhood household. I teased my brother for having Whitaker 2002 , observing that nowadays we have the internet. Suddenly last week when I was without the internet I needed a Whitaker...!

No no, an attack on cricket is precisely based on patience... weeks pass and I patiently wait for something to happen... nope... still waiting...

Anyway, we need a BLOG Almanac... oh wait, Tim Worstall's already done that, guess he's the Ben Schott of the blog world then... I DO hope he got permission from everyone he 'republished'.

I expect that my previous damning posts about cricket would already have 'put off some of my avid readers'.

Who'd have thought a snipe at cricket would produce a dodgy comment!

I happen to like cricket, and DG does not. Fair enough IMO.

Does this make me read less avidly? I think not.

You can play 'spot the troll' every day on here... name seems to change, content's the same

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