please empty your brain below

Twenty-eight chocolate-related links! Have a heart, dg. I have things to do.

Wow, thanks for that, and I thought I knew (almost) everything about christmas. Love the little calender, must have taken you ages :o)

Oops, make that 14 chocolate-related links. It's still an awful lot of chocolate info to digest.

Re: the link for today - I trust you have sent the BBC the link to this piece?

And isn't it bad luck to click/open advent calendar doors ahead? Or was that a MummyBW-generated myth so we didn't open all the doors on the first day?

I'm glad you included the Oxfam link: at this time of year, people often forget that so much of the chocolate they gorge themselves on is unfairly traded and hugely exploitative of the people that grow the cocoa.

It's good to remember that many more ethical alternatives exist.

Nice to see the link to Tom Wait's Chocolate Jesus - you might also like electro pop band Schmoof's Chocolate Boyfriend video - it rox!

In my first office job back in the mid 70s, one of the women there referred to them as admin calendars!

Advent calendars are a rip off (well, the little doors usually are). Having said that I have purchased a LEGO advent calendar for my young 'un*. He's been going on about it since August. They sell out quick those things. I had to pay the Hamley's premium to get one.

*me really.

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