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V. good!

I was amazed to hear on the radio that so far there's only 14 places in London that have the extended hours license and some of them are supermarkets/shops - I can't really see us becoming the much quoted Daily Mail sounding "nation of binge drinkers" quite yet

Why didn't they do this when I was a carefree (and childless, more to the point) youngster? I could have made the most of all night drinking back then, but now it's wasted on me. Oh, bitter, bitter irony!

Actually, make mine a pint of bitter.

I don't think it will be nearly as bad as everyone's suggesting.

Let's wait for Saturday, eh?

Plenty of countries have longer licensing hours and some have 24 hour drinking (Australia for example has 24 hour bars). I am sure there are still drunken brawls but I am sure they are also less as not everyone is coming out at the same time and racing to the taxi queue....

After a few weeks the novelty will wear off I am sure.

Sounds like normal pub life round these parts anyway. Just it's legal now.


Crikey, it takes you 3 hours to down that first drink?

Probably does if you include the time it'll take to get served, seeing that everybody has gone down the pub to mark the occasion.

The only thing about the new law thats going to change things?

No more locks in down the local! *sigh*

It's a cultural abuse

Great! The Time Machine. Back in the 18th century. Might run into Dr Johnson one of these nights.

Great. Now realised I now don’t have to creep up to the snivelling pompous land-lord on a Saturday night just so I can be included in the ‘afters session’

01:00 Arsenal v Liverpool live on Sky Sports.

Live? You sure, DG?

Arsene says: "No, I did not see the foul... I was in bed, it is one in the morning..."

Now the pubs are open, it wouldn't surprise me if Sky tried shifting matches a little later...

So it's going to just be like Scotland and NY and all those places where you can drink past 11pm then ... unmitigated chaos right?Watch the cities burn. If anyone is sober enough to start a fire.

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