please empty your brain below

don't forget it's closed from christmas to new year to make it 7 cars!

Favourite is West Ham, second Jubilee Line Terminates here

There's a long low office building that overlooks the platforms at Stanmore station and I used to work in it, at a desk in the back next to a window so I could look out at the comings and goings all day. Well, it was better than working. That was nine years ago. But for the sake of nostalgia my vote goes to Stanmore.

Dollis Hill, definitely.

It was only yesterday that I went back and re-read all the Silver Jubilee blogs. They were what originally got me reading here! Good call DG

Dollis Hill is the nicest shot, but I feel like I could fall straight in to the Bermondsey one.

Dollis Hill.

(Bugger. We're in a loop.)

Southwark is the photo that I like best. Would provide the basis for a nice bit of modern art.
Symmetry rules in a lot of your pictures...

depends if you're asking for best pic or best station. Your choices of Swiss Cottage and Dollis Hill (it's the uplighters that does it) are probably my favourite two for stations, rather than pics. For those, Southwark, Baker Street/London Bridge are probably the best.

But you have made even charing cross look surprisingly attractive, DG. They're a nice set of pics all round.

I think your choice is about right. I'd add bermondsey, and north greenwich and Westminster just needs a little work on it.

Dollis Hill is a nice pic, all the more so given that, once you get outside the station, it is very far from being the most photogenic place on the line.

Swiss Cottage (my local station) is my favourite photo overall though

Draw between Dollis Hill and Bermondsey.


Boy. This 'blog has *really* gone down the tubes.

Oh DG, it's way too hard to pick a favourite.

I guess I'll have to be predictable and say Canary Wharf.

Great photos.

DG - i LOVE the waterloo because that travellater is the most fun thing on the underground. nice photo. hours of fun

Westminster or Swiss Cottage. I just can't decide...

I KNOW! Swissminster. No no, West Cottage. Oh I can't chose!! Tell you what, let's settle the argument and go joint 1st, eh?

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