please empty your brain below

I'm guessing that you don't work in advertising...

Or maybe you do, and this is some form of 'viral negative campaign'. Perhaps I should see which company represents all those links of yours, just to see if it is the same company...

Conspiracy, moi, after 18 hours awake? Not yet, but give it another 10 hours and we'll see.

That must have taken some time ... shows its too early, I got halfway through before I realised what was going on.

clever but dull!

What is advertising please?

Tape programmes on commercial channels and skip through the ads. Saves time too.

Surely Typ hoo ...

Ah but it is exactly for the likes of you (and me) Witchy that DG's hated product placement was invented... you can't skip it.

I liked the Lab Equipment product placement that started in the later series of CSI... they obviously suddeny realised that all the lab geeks were watching this show and checking which lab equipment the CSI team were using. Suddenly there were big logos and names on all the apparatus in the Lab.

If you are that bothered by advertising/placement on TV, MOVE to North Korea.

Come to think of it are there lots of other industry specific product placements going on that only those in that specific industry notice?

I'm stuck.. poised halfway between rising from my seat to applaud this masterpiece of wordplay and tipping my head back for some MAJOR rolling of the eyes.

BW - they are on to you... big spending advert companies... they don't like people who do that (video tape or PVR type technology like Sky+) and are working to make sure you can't in the future. Why do you think they all love digital TV so much...

I got "stuck" on the sony reference, and it was down hill from there on in.

Surely, when I hover over the "intel" link, it should make an irritating "dink-dink-dink diink" noise?

Spot on DG, as ever.

My favourite has to be when the youthful Drew Barrymore opens the ET fridge, to show its entire contents are coca cola cans. That company alone probably amounts for half the product placements in the universe. That and Marlboro cigs. I'm surprised Spielberg didn't find some way to have the kids all light up.

There is of course no escape.

They're already making things harder for habitual fast-forwarders - have you noticed that on "sponsored" dramas like Lost on C4, the only clue you have that the adverts are over is the little "sponsored by" mini-advert? Hence you spend all your fast-forwarding time looking for the sponsor, so you can press "Play" again - thus creating a subliminal "positive user experience" every time you see their brand ID. ("Oh good, it's the 118 118 boys!")

I also remember watching the highly popular "Saturday Night Live" in the US, where they would add tiny extra fragments of the live show during the ad break - the odd gag or two - without introduction, so that if you wanted to watch the whole show you'd have to step very carefully indeed through the ads.

Then, of course, even when you're fast-forwarding your eyes are still fixed on the ads, waiting for the end of the break, so "information" is still filtering through, even if it's only basic level brand awareness...

There's no escape!

Genius DG, thanks for taking the time out to write this.

Hope you're working on commission or are you offering this post as free advertising?

Ford in the Thunderbirds movie.

Little blue pills in The Matrix.

Advertising is going to have to change, because the current mass market approach is failing.

I just wish it wasn't so blatant. Every time a camera pans in bar scene and every beer is the same with the labels directed at the camera, or whenever they focus on the car logo as the camera sweeps up. Drives me nuts.

Anything that I can see as deliberately written into the script to sell me shit, means it detracts from the movie.

That's why I liked lord of the rings. No product placement. And swords. Yeah swords.

opt out of the UK rat race and move to Indonesia.

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