please empty your brain below

Go to the park and take pictures of the mist, wear gloves and discover you cant take picturew while wearing gloves, discover that a jug of hot water removes ice from the windscreen better than using a scraper ...

Worry that predictions of power shortages this winter, might actually come true!

Is one supposed to say how many of those one actually does?

Lose feeling in your nose.

Clap your hands together in an attempt to warm them up.

Watch as you breath makes a smoke signal in the air, and feel amused by it.

Realise you've lost one of your gloves.

Wonder how the florist can be selling the "first daffs" when it is not at all spring-like outside. Where have these poor daffodils come from??!

buy candles; see how many jumpers you can wear at once; cook an enormous stew; use that clingfilmish stuff to double glaze draughty windows (or is that drafty?); nab the best table in the pub (next to the fire); mull wine; remember that you don't like mulled wine; wish you'd bought some thermal socks...

Drink mulled wine.

And hot toddies.

I hear brandy is nice too.

Marvel at the long silhouettes casted by the low winter sun, drink a cup of steaming hot chocolate with cream on top to warm yourself up, pay double that you normally would to get your car's radiator/anti-freeze checked out and topped up.

It IS a bit cold though, isn't it?

Check all the windows convinced that one of them must still be open because the room should not be this cold...

Build a real fire and snuggle up next to a loved one whilst toasting marshmallows.
Cuddle a pet.
Rent a copy of 'The Towering Inferno' and imagine how nice and warm they must be.

"discover that your central heating broke down during the summer"

Spot on! I had to 'get a man in' last week, for that very reason. Sorted now, thank goodness.

Debster, I am concerned about your car. You should never use hot water on it. It's bad for the windscreen glass, the rubber on the wipers and your paintwork. That's why de-icer spray was invented. It makes life much easier.

Be delighted by the crunchy frozen snow.

Put your wellies on and jump in frozen puddles

Panic that it's only a month til chritmas and you haven't done any shopping yet and HOW HAS THIS HAPPENED AGAIN??!

...but why are there still so many leaves still on the trees? did Autumn forget to happen?

wonder why no one evr told you that Los Angeles issn't always warm.

go to a temporary outdoor ice-rink. Buy a lip balm.

Start whining about the cold and then take it back and say how much you like the crisp mornings.

turn radiators down during the day because your toddler loves pulling up on them and you don't want her to burn her hands, and then turn them right up as soon as she's gone to bed and thank the Lawd-ah! that you can once again have a properly warm house.

Put out extra food for the birds.

Its only water out of the hot tap, not boiling water.

That's slightly better then, but I still recommend de-icer spray. It works in seconds.

70 or 75 - make your mind up

"go for a swim in the Serpentine, catch cold, scrape the car windscreen, dress up too warmly and sweat like a pig on the tube."

Yep, tomorrow morning, first thing - after I've hit the snooze button fifty times... then walked around the house trying to defrost my nose whilst wrapped up in a duvet

Buck up. At 43 degrees latitude, we have 0 degrees Celsius, winds out of the northwest at 30 mph (making it feel like -6 degrees Celsius). Tuesday promises to be seasonal in southern Ontario, Canada. Wish I were in London where forecast is for 8 degrees Celsius...balmy. Still, I agree with aforementioned presciptions to alleviate the chill. Another one: cook something with heat like a curry. Or do intense hypnotic suggestions that you are in the tropics.

Wake in the morning to find you can't move. Help, I'm paralyzed! No, the cats have piled onto the bed, and are weighting you down.

(Low here tonight -2 C, "high" tomorrow +6.)

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