please empty your brain below

A pedant writes: Hattie Jacques' sitcom *brother*. They were supposed to be a brother and sister who lived together, for some reason.

Oops. Consider that amended. Ta.

Well, well, well. We are living parallel lives. Look what I wrote about yesterday!

The highly improbable Triwizard Tournament, eh?

As opposed to...?

Yeah yeah, OK Huw

But, even assuming the whole RowlingWorld of wizardry existed, you still wouldn't hold a year-long residential tournament just for the sake of three very brief contests, two of which aren't even visible to the spectators.

Oooo thanks for the Dr.Who link

Owen from the Vicar of Dibley indeed! Tsk!
Why couldn't you say Only Fools's Trigger?
I couldn't think who you meant.
You know nobody watches Dibley.

Sorry, but I don't watch Only Fools. Ever.

Man, what did you do in the Eighties?

"Sorry, but I don't watch Only Fools. Ever."

Fair enough, there's no need when you're in it, is there? As we've already established, Diamond Geezer IS David Jason, and vice versa.

The Dr. Who bit was good wasn't it?!

Ooh, I've got a mole!

Not seen HP yet. Pass the sauce.

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