please empty your brain below

As you say, someone somewhere will be feeling very smug.... a "problem" was reported and they've "dealt" with it.

Far to much of this sort of thing... and not just in security. The box has been ticked, end of problem.

Very sad.

Although it could be that somebody left the front door open and a stranger opened the post before ... for instancer somebody delivering leaflets or something? Got let in by a resident but then stayed on ...

Debster - most stupid security measures derive from unlikely "what if"s.

In our case, that's "What if a resident left the front door open despite the fact it locks shut behind you when you leave, and what if a stranger gained entry and went into the mailroom and used a chisel or something to hack open all the mailboxes."

That's a risk I'm living to live with.

And what do you know, I arrive home this afternoon and the mailroom door is already locked. So, bad luck to any resident who didn't check their mail yesterday, because they won't be able to gain access to check it today.

If it's a lock you have to lock on your way out, which is what you're suggesting in that you were able to leave it open, it'll never work!

And - don't full-time thieves have huge bunches of keys that will open all sorts of things?

Can't you put up an anonymous notice on the mail-room door asking for anyone who is annoyed about the imposed system to leave the door open in protest? Then there might be some sensible discussion...

It's a lock you have to lock on your way out.

I, erm, appear to have forgotten to lock it already.

We live on a "complex" you might call it. It's a campus really. The locals, well the new local bastards who have moved here from places like Chelsea and brought their teenaged kids with them don't like the kids from here. So they're regularly fighting, and the new teenage residents from down the road break in to steal the laptops etc, etc.

So, not only do they want an inventory of the keys that everyone holds, but they also want to create ID cards for us all, put electronic gates up outside the building we live, and even employ a security guard with a big dog to patrol the area.

That's all while we've been telling the works and security department for weeks now that we can't lock our outside door because it's expanded too much with the rain. But they'd much rather start with making this place look like a concentration camp, than take a few minutes shaving down a door.

Ah, in my mailbox today I have a letter from the management company telling me they'll be putting a lock on the post room door on 18th November.

Posted yesterday.

Apparently "mail has been going missing".
I suspect the postman.

You could write this up as a script and sell it to a comedian looking for material.

eejits, the lot of em.

hi dg, are you pleased to see me, or is that your new mailroom key in your pocket?

Sounds like my sort of thinking, DG.


Why not put a CCTV camera(s) into the mailroom? Although this raises privacy conerns, a sensible policy about what happens to recorded footage could be agreed with residents.

If it is one of the residents, they'll soon be caught/deterred.

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