please empty your brain below

Please, no answers in the comments box.
And no clues, thankyou.

(Solutions accepted by email only)

Now that's really cruel, I have some work to do today you know

Oooh! I don't have any work to do today (well, not really)... First one was pretty easy, though.

Too difficult for me, DG.

Can I give myself then if you won't?

It was a lot harder than the first one, but I think I've done it. Email sent.

(it took about 15 minutes, shuffling little strips of paper about on my desk. The first one took a couple of minutes, and I could do it in my head)

(and I hope you don't think that counted as a clue)

42? 1794?

Janet will arrive 3 minutes and 52 seconds before John. (But only because he stopped off at the brothel on his way.)

What's my prize?

Got it

Got it

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